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Press Releases

Source Walla Walla Union Bulletin 11/13/2013

LeFore’s Spa and Walla Walla Grand Cinemas are teaming up for a “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” promotion that will blow your hair back. Or possibly up.

The Walla Walla salon and movie theater will together host “Fight Hunger at the ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Premiere” on Nov. 21. That evening the theater will host a double feature of “Hunger Games” and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Advanced tickets are available for purchase online.

The movie showing will also serve as a charity event. That’s where LeFore’s comes in. Those who donate nonperishable food items for the local food bank will be treated to a “Hunger Games”-style makeover while in line.

How it works: Bring in one to three nonperishable items and you’ll get a “District” or “Capital” hair style. Bring in four to five nonperishable items and receive “District” or “Capital” makeup. Those who bring in five or more will get “Capital” hair and makeup of Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman proportions.

The event runs 3-8 p.m. As an added bonus Grand Cinemas will offer a buy-one-ticket-get-one-free for the next visit to the theater, 1325 W. Poplar St. A raffle will also be offered with a chance to win prizes.


Walla Walla WA 

Press release October 2013

LeFore's Spa is hosting it's 10th Annual Client Appreciation Day this Sunday October 27th from 10am to 4pm. Every year multiple company educators join the staff at the spa to offer their expertise while doing complimentary mini services on our guests. This year there will be representatives from Youngblood mineral cosmetics and Dermalogica skin care (see your sun damage under the woods lamp). Additionally LeFore's hairstylists will be doing 3 different hands on styling classes where they will teach you how to create the messy bun, the sock bun, and other helpful techniques. Chair massage and other fun things like photo booth, hand massage, and glitter tattoos are available. 

Showcased at this event will be the newest cutting edge technology regarding health and wellness Introducing Halo Systems.
Partnering with LeFore's will be:
 Balloon decorations by: Up A Balloon Boutique
 Food by: The Fuel Stop Cafe
 Wine tasting by: Waterbrook Winery& the Chocolate Shop.
When asked why she does this yearly event, owner Sharon LeFore replied: I love giving back! It is to thank the clients that support us throughout the year.  We are humbled that they choose to spend their time and money with us and this is our way of "throwing a party" for all our guests, while our 25 VIP guests become a "LeFore's Spa Diva" and receive their own gift bags valued at over $150 each.
LeFore's encourages guests to bring their friends. Anyone interested in learning more about LeFore's Spa is welcome to join in the festivities.
If you are interested in attending call 525.3336 to reserve a spot for a mini treatment or drop in at 2 E. Poplar St. and see what time is available for you.



Source Walla Walla Union Bulletin 4/18/2013

WALLA WALLA — Sharon LeFore believes no woman should have to bear every mark of breast cancer.

 The owner of LeFore’s Skin Care & Health Spa on Poplar Street has seen the ravages of radical surgeries to remove the cancer, she said.

  “Breasts get it pretty bad,” she said. “They take all the fatty tissue out and take even the nipple off.”

 In the business of beauty, helping restore a woman’s feeling of dignity and femininity is one of the most important things she does, LeFore said. She has been a permanent-makeup practitioner for several years — tattooing in eyebrows, creating permanent eyeliner, adding color or volume to lips.

 In 2009, she attended a boot camp that introduced her to breast restoration via micropigmentation, the process of adding permanent color under the skin to create in dye what the appearance of what surgery has removed.

 In most cases, women who have had mastectomies have opted for breast implants of silicone to recreate a natural shape and feel. In that case, the surgeon twists and sutures a flap of skin to make the nipple mound once the reconstruction surgery has healed.

 While the post-reconstruction patient is left with something that looks real from the outside of her clothes, underneath everything is skin-colored and there is some scarring, LeFore said. That’s when it is time for the final step.

 Using equipment similar to tattoo work, she mixes a range of dye colors to customize a color that is as close as possible to how the areola — the more-heavily pigmented ring surrounding the nipple — looked before.

  ‘Baby Lips’ is my favorite color,” LeFore said, setting out five bottles that look much like craft paint in varying pinkish tones.

 As well, she lays out a areola template, with circles from dime- to biscuit-cutter size.

  “I always encourage them to start small, I can always add,” she said.

 One client was so happy with her new look, LeFore said, she returned asking for larger areolas. “She loved it.”

 With a trio of tattoo needles, LeFore begins the job of injecting pinpricks of color under the skin, evenly saturating the area. The process takes two sessions, the second devoted to adding any needed color and definition.

 There can be discomfort, but pain is rare, she said.

 Micropigmentation is generally recognized as relatively easy and safe, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health. However, a number of infections can be transmitted from one patient to another if precautions for sterilization of instruments used for micropigmentation are not followed.

 Health insurance usually pays for the procedure, said LeFore spa manager Vikki Foxe.

  “In most cases, reconstruction of the nipple and areola are considered to be the final step of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction,” she said. “Therefore, by law, the costs would be covered. And we bill the insurance.”

 It’s never been about money for LeFore.

  “I was raised to do for others,” she said. “That’s what makes me whole. I want women to feel better about themselves. Women just need to know what to do for themselves.”


 Source Walla Walla Union Bulletin 1/25/2013

Local stylists at LeFore’s Skin Care and Health Spa got some hands-on training with two industry icons during recent training sessions.

 The team from the Poplar Street spa and salon met with Sam Brocato two weekends ago in Seattle, where his new formaldehyde-free silk straightening system was introduced. Over Brocato’s more than three-decade career he has amassed a long list of honors, including World Top Fashion Hairstylist and Editorial Stylist of the Year. He’s also been inducted into the Hairdresser Hall of Fame in London and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the North American Hairstyling Awards. At his New York City home his Sam Brocato Salon focuses on hair health and continually improving the technology and craft of creating and maintaining great hair and skin through nontoxic products and treatments.

 Early the next week a networking haircutting class was hosted in Walla Walla at Browns Salon. Owner and operator Jeanette Brown hosted a class by Anthony Edge, international artistic director for label.m .

 Edge is a more than 20-year veteran hairdresser, twice nominated as a finalist for the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards. At label.m he develops the education program for salons across the Americas.

 Joining LeFore’s stylists in attendance at that event were representatives from C Salon, Impress Salon and a mixture of other stylists, the announcement said.


Source: Applebrides 1/1/2013

Did you see? Apple Brides announced their top 10 weddings of 2012, and guess who made number two?!

Congratulations to Cosmotologists Amanda Vandel and Katie Cooley!  Your hair and makeup work placed second in the  Top 10 Weddings of 2012

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Source: Salon Today  10/11/2012


Walla Walla, WA

Sharon LeFore’s three favorite features of LeFore’s Skin Care & Health Spa’s design include:

-A non-profit women’s center inside the spa. A counselor helps women with a multitude of issues, including domestic violence, cancer, grief consulting and behavioral therapy. All at no cost.

-Hair services recently included to the spa. Spa staff is involved in the ‘look good feel better’ program, along with everything the spa has to offer to clients and the community.

-The food and drink bar. This will make the spa offer a full experience for clients


Source: Walla Walla Union Bulletin 8/16/2012

Local health spa refreshes clients inside and out.

You may know LeFore's Skin Care & Health Spa for its manicures, massages, microdermabrasion and more. But did you know it also offers meals?

The LeFore's Spa Juice Bar & Café serves everything from soups and smoothies to paninis and stuffed portabellas. The café operates inside LeFore's, 2 E. Polar St., 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

An American, Greek or Italian wrap or panini is $5.95 for a whole and $2.98 for a half. Among the favorites is a curried chicken salad (a vegetarian meat alternative is available) served on a croissant for $7. Other items on the menu include stuffed poblano chilis and stuffed baby portabellas in season.

Beverages include Italian sodas, flowering teas and iced tea of the day. Fresh fruit smoothies, which run $5.95 for 20 ounces, are made with coconut milk and choice of fruit: blueberry, strawberry, triple-berry or tropical. For more details, visit LeFore's online at or on Facebook.


 Source: Walla Walla Union Bulletin 9/19/2012

Acclaimed hair advisor shows local spa his true colors

Stylists at the downtown business had a hands-on workshop with Todd, learning the fall/winter color techniques, according to an announcement.

For those unfamiliar with Todd’s background: He began his work in the industry in 1986 and fell in love with hair color while working in London at the L’Oreal Technical Institute. He returned home to the Northwest and became a platform artist and educator in 1993 for International Beauty Show Group’s American Team Y.E.S., a group known for bringing young professionals to the forefront of the industry. His career has also taken him all over North America as he facilitates cutting and color classes in addition to owning a salon in Seattle. He currently works as color director at Eco Beauty SalonSpa in Seattle and is a dedicated Purefessional and hair color educator for Aveda. For more on LeFore’s call 525-3336.


Source: Walla Walla Union Bulletin 

WHAT'S UP WITH THAT ?: 6/2/2011

Renovations at the new location of LeFore's Skin Care & Health Spa, 2 E. Poplar St.

According to Manager Vikki Foxe, the multi-phase project is really upgrading the building inside and out. 

"On the outside they're redoing the sidewalk and updating parking. They're painting and putting up awnings, redoing the electricity and HVAC. Lots of updating. On the inside, a good portion of it is already done. The salon side is done and we're adding treatment rooms. We like to keep hair and spa more separate." 

She said included in the spa area would be space dedicated to women's services and helping the community, such as personal service for cancer patients. 

"We're getting the spa going. It will have a whole new look. It's beautiful and welcoming with big beautiful rooms. Usually you're begging for more room, but here there's a lot of space. We're adding decor and signage and we'll be rolling it out in phases."

Timeline: The operation moved from its former location at 228 W. Birch into the Poplar St. building the first week of March. Estimated time to completion is about six months to a year. Renovations are being done in several phases. The first part is done so the interior is welcoming for staff and clients.

Contact them at 525-3336 for appointments and tours.


Source: Stylelist 7/29/2010


Many women complain that gray strands are prickly and unmanageable, and that attempting to tame them is akin to doing battle in front of the mirror everyday. There are scientific reasons behind the change.

"Texture changes when hair turns gray because the outer cuticle layer can become more coarse, giving gray its wiry look and feel. As the follicle of the hair shuts down its color production, it uses those amino acids to build more cuticle. This can lead to difficulty in coloring or a rough texture," explains Van Den Abbeel.

Funny enough, the latest Brazilian keratin straightening craze has been shown to smooth coarse gray hair through the experiences of women who were curious about trying the service, without the original intention of treating their gray hair.

"We've had brilliant results with the keratin straightening system on coarse, porous gray hair. It makes the hair smooth as silk and as straight as baguettes," says stylist Vikkie Foxe at Lefore's Spa in Washington.


Source: Walla Walla Union Bulletin 

LeFore's Spa is excited to be the first to introduce Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation, to the community!

August 08

Walla Walla, WA. - LeFore Honey Farms, the managing company for LeFore’s Skin

Local esthetician Sharon LeFore has just returned from the American Institute of Permanent color Technology in Santa Ana, CA. Sharon completed extensive training in the field of Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation or MCA as it is known in the business.

Can you help me with my Scar?

This is the question that drove Sharon to seek help for her clients. Finding out that there are only a handful of practitioners that currently offer MCA further fueled her desire to solve this problem for her clients.

It’s important to realize that no scar can be removed completely, and here are several ways to make scars less obvious and improve their appearance. Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation or Dry Needling refers to a procedure where the effect of the healing process results in a visible change or scar remodeling. Plastic Surgeons Dr. Camirand and Dr. Des Fernandes have written articles on Dry Needling using the method since the late 1980’s to soften and stretch scars following face lifts with noted improvement in the scar and its color. The result in most cases is a smooth flat scar that is less noticeable and the return of pigment (color) to some of the lighter scars.

MCA is an entirely natural way of getting the body's own cells to regenerate and get rid of wrinkles. MCA is a practically-painless, completely risk-free alternative to injecting muscle relaxants such as Botox. Although MCA uses a very fine needle, nothing is injected and the treatment causes a micro-trauma to the skin, in order to force it into a state of self repair. Our bodies are equipped with a DNA system and, when injured, the body sends out the correct signals and tools which enable it to repair itself and heal. Some patients notice the benefit after just one treatment; others may require up to three treatments, one month apart.

As you puncture the skin, you create a wound which heals in three phases inflammation, proliferation, and tissue remodeling. When the needle enters the skin, it starts the inflammation phase. Fibroblasts cells that give rise to connective tissue, move into the affected area and start to produce collagen and elastin to help the healing process.

Although the procedure does damage the skin and cause minor bleeding, the skin is essentially regenerating itself. Following a treatment, the patient is left with a fine red scratch mark, which forms a scab and heals within 5-7 days.

MCA is an exciting new option available for the treatment of depressed Acne scarring, wrinkles and scar relaxation, and has been shown to:

Smooth wrinkles and fill lines

Improve skin texture

Relax scars

Improve depressed acne scarring

Improve the appearance of stretch marks

Fill old surgical scars

Improve Chicken Pox scars

Away from the face, MCA is also excellent for treating stretch marks or other body scars it can also be used to help soften scars caused by less than perfect face lift surgery.

One great advantage of MCA over other similar treatments is that is does not cause any permanent damage to the skin and the healing phase is short. It is virtually painless and the treatment can be repeated as often as necessary, without any risk.

Source: Walla Walla Union Bulletin 

2007, local Spa Owner and Aesthetician Sharon LeFore attended a two day hands-on seminar hosted by Salon Services and Supplies at the Glendow Academy in Spokane, WA.

The seminar was taught by internationally recognized skin waxing industry leader Lori Nestore, aka "the wax queen". A gifted instructor, Lori got her start at Eva's Esthetics as the Educational Director, inspiring staff and students alike for many years. The Wax Queen and CEO of Eva's Esthetics for the past four years, recognized for her proficiency in waxing, Lori continues to be a popular and highly demanded instructor teaching her "secrets of the trade" and producing waxing videos.

Assisted by Vice President Lisa Nestore, Lori is now responsible for oversight of daily operations and the growth of this successful company. The focus is still on a commitment to high quality education and products that service a broad spectrum of multicultural clientele.

The seminar began with an introduction to the latest waxing innovation from France, long recognized as the seat of leadership in skin care technology. As the Wax Queen, it seems only natural that Lori would be among the first to provide instruction in the US on the finest in depilation products, Berins French Depilatory Wax.

LeFore’s Spa desires to bring the best services and products to Walla Walla, through ongoing education and training. For more information about the new waxing services and products available at LeFore’s, call 509-525-3336.

Formulated with exclusive patents. Berins Waxes are superior to any other product on the market: gentle, easy to use and effective. Heated at low temperature, the waxes are applied just above skin temperatures, have wonderful creamy textures and are less sticky than traditional waxes.

One of only eight people in the northwest who attended the space-limited, hands-on seminar, Sharon LeFore of LeFore’s Spa in Walla Walla came away with some great insights on waxing, upon interview LeFore stated:

"This was the best waxing class I have ever attended! We learned and practiced how to wax the entire body, on both men and women."

When asked about the different types of waxes available to clients, LeFore spoke knowledgably about where and what types of waxes should be used when waxing different areas of the body, along with individual hair textures.