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What an amazing group of ladies! LeFore's was honored to be asked to work our hair and makeup magic on these beautiful women. Each of them have been or are currently battling breast cancer. Local photographer Melissa Brown donated her talents during the Pink Ball, and posted here are just a few of her photos of the Gala Event! The local formal clothing store The Purple Parasol's goal is to help you look as stunningly beautiful as possible for any special day. The pink ball is an annual event by the J.U.G.S. organization that strives to positively impact our local community through awareness, strength, courage and hope for a cure.

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Special Thanks to:

J.U.G.S. (just us girls sharing)

Melissa Brown Photography

The Purple Parasol




A specialized photo shoot for homecomming with henna.

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henna 201 199x300

Model's Hair: Sallee Bleth, Makeup: Alyssa Beyer


henna 204 199x300

henna 208 300x199

Model's Hair and Makeup: Mandy Vandel

henna 193 199x300

henna 194 300x199


Model's Hair and Makeup: Katie Marie

henna 202 199x300

henna 203 199x300


Model's Hair: Vikki Foxe,  Makeup: Alyssa Beyer

Special thanks to:

Celebrity Henna

Alyssa Annette Photography

The Purple Parasol



We love doing makeovers, contact us for any of the looks, or your own personalized makeover.