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Amanda Vandel

lefores 29

I have a great technique that I have developed for curling your hair with a flat iron, it's unlike anything you have seen, so come in for an appointment and I will show you a fast and easy way to curl your hair.

"Don't try this at home" is a quote that was invented for do it yourself bang trims. Come in for your bang trim, it's a quick and easy fix.

When you flat iron your hair use a soft grip. If you squeeze the iron hard it has a tendency to leave crease marks.

Getting a regular haircut will help keep your ends healthy so your hair can grow long and full.

At night, divide your hair into about six sections and twist the sections into little knots, this will give you that beachy, messy look.

Texturizing spray is amazing on all hair types, it doesn't weigh the hair down, and it gives your hair control and movement.

Doing your hair at home is always possible, if you find it hard to recreate the salon look, just ask me how, I am happy to teach you!